Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fun things to do in the winter on the shore

Here are 2 of the most fun things we've done this winter!
Hiking up frozen rivers was the highlight of our time on the shore.  It was stinking cold up there, but we managed to get out some and have a little fun.  The advantage of hiking up a frozen river is that the wind doesn't usually get you down in the river canyon.  And canyon it is!
Explorers, ready to explore

Views at the top before going into the river bottom

Follow the trail

Since I'm always behind the camera, here's me dressed to face the cold!
 This river had a big room in the river canyon.  The rocks and walls were sculpted away in such a way that it felt like you were hanging out in a special place.
The room.

Noah kicked down most of the icicles while we were there.

End of the line
 When we turned around and headed back down the river, we decided to pull over in "the room" and build ourselves a little campfire and enjoy for a bit.  Brian couldn't get the fire going, so he headed out to find some birch bark.  While he was gone, I found a tiny scrap of birch bark and make the fire go.  Love it when I can own the fire!
Wilderness fire
 The other fun activity, which we did in a snowstorm, so forgive the pictures, was dog sledding.  It's not cheap, but a fun thing to do as a visitor/vacationer.

The dogs needed a snack before we went riding.

Nearly finished snacking, let's go for a ride!

 Adrenaline junkies won't be satisfied, it's not fast.  Especially in new, soft snow.  But, it's amazing to think that those 10-12 small dogs were able to pull our whole family plus the handler over the hills and along the path faster than I could power walk it.  Makes for a pleasant family outing.

What's fun that you do in the winter?  Anyone else warming up to wilderness fires or snuggling in a sled?

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