Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warm winter fun with a preschooler

Noah got new skis for Christmas.  We had to consider a few other things to keep him warm.  We got the universal binding skis for kids - that means he wears the winter boots that we already have for him.  I'm happy to not have to buy ski boots every winter.  His little white cotton socks inside the generic kids winter boots weren't quite doing it for us, though.  "Santa" got him a pair of costs-more-than-the-boots-did smartwool kids wintersport kneehigh socks.  That was enough to make his feet last as long as mine out in the cold anyway.

 From toe to head, here's how we layered him for playing out on the chilly days.  Kneehigh wool socks and winter boots.  His warmest pair of fleece sweatpants, topped by a pair of jeans, topped by snowpants. Long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, winter coat.  On his hands, he wears a lightweight fleece mitten with his Menards mittens over top (for those who aren't familiar, Menards sells kids mittens with the high, snow blocking wrist, great for the daycare playground for $5... Awesome!).  Up top varies based upon the sweatshirt.  If he has a hood, then he wears his sweatshirt hood, jacket hood, and a scarf wrapped around his face.  If no hooded sweatshirt, then he puts his hat under his hood.  Extra head warmth is essential!  And, his jacket hood is a quite thick one, not like those little tuck-in-the-collar-in-case-it's-raining-or-windy hoods that so many adult jackets come with.

 So there you have it on clothing.  Another year of physical coordination improvement and appropriate length skis and he's getting to be quite the skier!
Not sure what happened with these pictures, so just turn your head, they were normal in my photo file and I've tried just about everything to get them righted.

 Noah has snowshoes too.  Actually, they're monster feet, according to Noah.  If we get tired of skiing, we can go for a stomp.  It's fun, and so good to get outside in winter!

After our afternoon out playing in the snow, one particular 5 year old fell asleep in the car for a good half hour.  Mission accomplished, we wore him out!

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